PROFI INTERFACE - firmware 1 (LOW priority verion for MB02+)


- ZX ram extention to 1MB (1024 kB)
This big memory can be used as:
ZX ram, ROM emulation area, DivIDE memory, MB02 memory, TR-DOS ramdisc

- Support memory paging of computers (russian ZX Spectrum clones) :
Original ZX Spectrum 128 kB
ZX Profi 1024 kB
Pentagon 128 kB
Pentagon 512 kB
Pentagon 1024 kB
Scorpion ZS 1024 kB

- Rom extention to 512kB (reprogrammable flash eprom)
Big rom is used as more 64kB rom blocks. Each block contain 128editor + 48rom + reset service monitor + tr-dos rom. Rom chip can be emulated in 1MB ram with write protect.

- extra NMI button
Profi interface use new NMI button. Function of this button is possible disable or enable. In DivIDE mode work identical as on original DivIDE interface.

- TR-DOS rom maping
In combination with 1024kB memory is possible use TR-DOS rom versions with ramdisc support. TRD images can be imported to high memory and used as floppy drive. This mode is very powerfull - your ZX can use software for BETA-DISC interface/russian ZX clones.

- DivIDE memory paging
Profi interface can work also as DivIDE interface. Only IDE ports must be connect on ZX bus. DivIDE eeprom and ram is contended with 1MB memory. 1MB memory can contain more parts of DivIDE memory for possibility use more DivIDE systems (easy switching in ZX basic via one OUT command. DivIDE eeprom memory flashing is also emulated and original FLASH utilities can be used.

- MB02+ memory paging
It's mode compatible with MB02+ memory. First 128-512kB ram is usable as ZX memory and second 512kB as MB02+ ram. In this mode is used maximal MB02+ memory configuration 512kB ram + 512kB rom. NMI work in more modes. Original flash rom utilities for MB02+ can be used if your PROFI interface contain corresponding rom chip (128kB or 512kB).

- Interface switching
This version of firmware can't disable memory access for external interfaces on ZX bus. External memory is always used with higher priority. Is possible use any external devices or active internal MB02,DIVIDE or TR-DOS with ramdisc. Software switching between TR-DOS and DIVIDE.

This firmware is usable also with external Z80 DMA (external MB02+ interface can use Z80DMA chip)
If you don't use MB02 interface then go to special firmware with high priority for internal memory (divide,mb02,tr-dos). It's best for comfortable work.

Installation to your ZX128+2(grey model ISS 3)

1) remove 8 DRAM chips ( IC17-24 )
2) replace Z80 CPU( IC9 ), ROM ( IC8 ) and HAL10H8 ( IC7 ) with precise sockets
3) remove diode D27 ( between AY-3-8912 and 74LS174 )


4) insert PROFI INTERFACE to sockets for CPU,ROM and HAL
5) attach new NMI button (microswitch on cable - green+yellow wires) and start your ZX Spectrum....

FATALL - tr-dos utility for import/export TRD images/files between ZX and HDD with FAT32 (web)
WILD COPIER - tr-dos utility for import/export TRD images/files between ZX and HDD with FAT32 (web)
PROFI FLASHER (+ ROMs) - comfortable flash utility for programming flash eprom 512 kB (29F040)
PROFI FLASH EPROM UTILITY - easy flash utility for programming 16kB roms on flash eprom (29F040)
PROFI ROMS - package of rom files for flashing to rom in profi interface (coming soon)
PROFI CONFIGURATOR - profi interface configuration/setup

WILD PLAYER - utility for play AY music files from FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 (need 256kB ram for more features) (web)
UNIVERSAL MEMORY TESTER - utility for testing extended ZX memory 1MB (web)
ANOTHER UNIVERSAL MEMORY TESTER - next utilities for testing 48kB models or extended ZX memory 1MB (web)
ALASM - very good assembler with memory drivers for 1MB memory (use only first 256kB ram, next free ram is for ramdisc)

TR-DOS TAPER - utility for convert TRD/SCL files to TAP file for import TRD image to ramdisc (for loading from DivIDE)




Software for PC (programming CPLD) (179 MB - Protected with password-for private use only)

Cable for programming CPLD (JTAG)  

PCB (Eagle)