This system work only on real DivIDE interface with R"GAL chip. In ZX emulators on PC can be used old DivIDE systems only !

First DivIDE system for allram mode !!!

BS-DOS 309 is a divIDE enhancement of BS-DOS 308 system which were used in MB02+ disk units. BS-DOS 309 is a full-featured OS working with raw diskette images (format up to 2MB) and supporting up to 255 virtual drives. BS-DOS 309 is based on original BS-DOS 308. Old FDC BIOS is replaced with new HDD-BIOS.

BS-DOS 309 installer (2009-03-21) - first released version (without NMI button support) - installer by Zoom
BS-DOS 309 installer (2009-06-13) - next version with added NMI support and new universal installer
BS-DOS 309 installer (2009-08-17) - new bug-fixed version (universal installer + info about formatting disc)


BS-DOS 309 source code ( TOP SECRET )
HDD-BIOS source code (2009-03-21) - it's FDC-BIOS replacement with HDD support by Dusky (UB880D)
HDD-BIOS source code (2009-08-16) - new bug-fixed version of HDD-BIOS by Dusky (UB880D)



FF17 by Busy - format utility for BS-DOS (with setup in basic)
MBD PATCHER by Dusky (UB880D) - utility for fixed length of MBD images to 2MB and modify geometry to 93x11
MB02 image ID fixer by Busy - utility for fix(replace) identify number of MBD image (all MBD images created in REALSPECTRUM emulator contain same ID number. This must be fixed for correct copying between different discs



BUSYsoft (BUSY) - Author of BS-DOS and other ZX utilities/demos ( English / Deutsch / Japanesse )

Dusky (UB880D) - Author of HDD-BIOS for BS-DOS