DEMFIR (DTP's Emulator Files Runner) handles ISO 9660 file system found on CD-ROMs. You can use either CDs or unfragmented ISO images stored on a disk. DEMFIR supports TAP, SNA, Z80, MFC and SCR files. You can download these from numerous software archives such as World of Spectrum. As it is possible to fit thousands of games to a single CD, DEMFIR can turn your Speccy into huge retro-gaming console. NOTE: DEMFIR is read only.

DEMFIR d0.1b (2003-09-02) - first release
DEMFIR d0.1c (2003-09-09)
DEMFIR d0.3a (2003-09-25)
DEMFIR d0.3a (2003-10-7)-fixed-zilog
DEMFIR d0.3b (2003-10-07)
DEMFIR d0.3c (2003-10-17)
DEMFIR d0.3y (2004-01-10)-zilog-modification
DEMFIR d0.4a (2004-02-08)
DEMFIR d0.4b (2004-05-12)
DEMFIR d0.4cvs (2004-08-08)-zilog-modification
DEMFIR d0.5a (2005-02-20)
DEMFIR d0.5b (2005-02-28)
DEMFIR d0.5b (2008-10-06)-modified-velesoft (keyboard test, quit)
DEMFIR d0.5z (2005-05-13)-zilog-modification
DEMFIR d0.6a (2005-11-05)
DEMFIR d0.7a (2006-11-05)
DEMFIR d0.7b (2006-12-17)
DEMFIR - source code (sourceforge)
RUNNER for 128kB games with 128basic loaders / ramdisc support