Soldering and installation of RTC module v03

STEP 1 - remove from sockets on original divide interface this chips: M_GAL, EEPROM (AT28C64) and 74LS245

STEP 2 - you will need this pins for connect to sockets (2x12 pins, 2x10 pins, 2x14 pins)

STEP 3 - connect pins to sockets

Detail of pins

STEP 4 - connect PCB to pins

STEP 5 - after solder pins disconnect PCB from divide

Bottom side of PCB with soldered pins

positions of resistors/capacitors on bottom side


Now we will modify new socket 28 pins

STEP 6 - solder pin rows (2x14 pins) and three new sockets (20pins,20pins and 24 pins)

STEP 7 - solder all components on top side

On bottom side you need connect resistor 2k2 between pins 24(+5V) and 20(rtc_cs) on gal22v10(under eeprom socket). And resistor R8 can be unused.

STEP 8 - solder joystick connectors. Horisontal connector support only two fire buttons, but is possible connect real amiga mouse with three buttons. Vertical connector is unusable for real amiga mouse, but is possible connect here joystick with two buttons or SEGA GENESIS/SEGA MASTER SYSTEM joypad with up to 8 buttons.

joystick connector - photo 2