DivIDE download - utilities/systems/documentations


ESXDOS - system with FAT 16/32/ISO support
FATware - FAT 16 file browser - emulator files runner (HDD/CF)
DEMFIR - desktop emulator files runner for CD / HDD/CF(ISO)
MDOS 3 - DIDAKTIK 40/80 floppy drive emulator (HDD/CF)
+DivIDE - Disciple/+D emulation on HDD/CF
BS-DOS 309 - DOS from MB02+ interface (HD FDD emulation)
RESIDOS - new system with FAT16 support (for DivIDE+ only)
BIOS - new BIOS with booting support for DivIDE interface
DivIDE development - unfinished SYSTEMS
GOLDFINCH (GASWARE) - FAT16 filebrowser + TAP runner (similar as FATWARE)
TRD-OS - new TR-DOS emulation for DivIDE (fdd emulation)


Original hardware info ( English ) / ( Czech )
JUMPERS - configuration / photos
Additional info about DivIDE memory / allram ( English ) / ( Czech )
ZX128/+2/+3 compatibility
IDE PORTS and IDE routines


DIVRAMKA (2017-12-09) - new tester utility for test sram memory in DivIDE / DivMMC interface (full capacity 8 - 512kB)
TESTROM3 (2012-08-13) - new utility for test your ZX48/128 ram and tape input (can be install to 8kB eeprom or to mapram mode. Also is full usable as 16kB ROM image in ZX rom(eprom)
WILD PLAYER for IDE ports - FAT32 support (see official web page)

Music player with comfortable FAT32 browser. Need 128kB memory or 256kB (for russian ZX clones - add next features)
- english help / info

ZX48 ROM with RS232 support (2009-06-19)
LOAD/SAVE from/to serial cable (serial connector on PC <> RS232 connector on ZX128/+2/+3)
This program work only on DivIDE with R"GAL chip (with true allram support)
>> More info about RS232 communication <<
FATWARE PATCH (2009-05-30)
- load selected TAP file(s) to 128 basic
- enable 128 menu (remove USR 0 mode)
- after reset will always 128 menu
- same funcionality as "128 BASIC loader" utility
- for FATWARE 0.12 only ! ! !
128 BASIC loader (2009-05-16)
- load one(only) selected TAP file to 128 basic
- work all 128kB basic loaders on DivIDE interface 

TBIOS - utility for testing DivIDE and ZX
( all TBIOS versions+sources )
TBIOS controll (see TXT file):
D+NMI = detection/init master (D+2+NMI= det./init slave)
F+NMI+G = vram blitter (F+NMI+M for Didaktik M 128kB)
T+NMI = find TAP file on disc
N+NMI = show next screen in TAP file
S+NMI = blitter off
B+NMI = find begin of video file
V+<none,1-5>+NMI = play video with different matrix
ENTER = exit from video player
SPACE+NMI = test ram

ZX-FDISK - FDISK utility for HDD/CF
With ZX-FDISK you can modify or create new MBR sector

FDISK can also fix problrmatic CF cards that is impossible  use with FATWARE system. This CF cards can be detected, but FATWARE show "0 volumes" (CF card is formatted without MBR sector).
1)create new MBR + set partition in ZX-FDISK
2)format CF card on PC 

- IDE devices detection

ZX-CD-PLAYER - audio player for CD / DVD


LINKS:  W.O.S. archiveW.O.S. forum

Software emulator of Yugoslavian Galaxy home computer, a Z80-based kit machine released in 1983. (use DivIDE memory)

EPROTECTOR - write protector for eeprom AT28C64B.
This utility use eeprom software write protect feature and work only with eeprom type 28C64B (with "B" !!!). It's photo of old unsupported AT28C64.
After press key "D" will eeprom protected and all system flasher utilities will ignored. Before rewriting eeprom you must load EPROTECTOR and press key "E" for enable writing + load any system flasher(intalator). After flash system to eeprom you can load EPROTECTOR and press key "D" for write protection.

And here is new special version of EPROTECTOR for DIVMMC interface and other divide compatible devices with correct connection of 8kB eeprom chip AT28C64B

DEVAST-IDE - Devastace monitor with DivIDE paging support

Can trace/connect/disconnect DivIDE memory, but work correct only if:

1) at adress 0 on DivIDE is different code than 243(DI) - code at this adress is used for memory detection (zx rom contain value 243 and DivIDE memory contain any other values)
2) at adress 8191 is code 201(RET) - this is map-off area and is used for correct return from DivIDE memory to ZX rom.
Press "SS+D" for switch ZX/DivIDE rom
ALLRAM INSTALATORS - different ZX roms for old DivIDE without 16kB allram support. This instalator active mapram mode,connect DivIDE memory to low 16kB and write ROM image to DivIDE ram. (only low 8kB is write protected, area 8192-16383 is always write enabled.

IDE25 (c) MTs
Test read/write/status stability on DivIDE with IDE disc.

Rewrite value "0" at end of basic line 30 for change function.
1) set value 0+RUN=show status only
2) set value 2+RUN=erase all ide sectors with value #00 and verify all

IDE25(OEM) (c) MTs
Easy version of IDE25 utility. Test only read  stability on DivIDE with IDE disc.

Rewrite value "0" at end of basic line 30 for change function.
1) set value 0+RUN=show status only
2) set value 2+RUN=read sectors test (test reading stability)
Utility for install software to DivIDE eeprom or ram (mapram mode). Can set also any DivIDE ram bank 0-3. D40/D80/MDOS3(HDD)/TAPE support.


HDF 1.0 File Format Specification ( .TXT )   >>> original WEB <<<
Drive image & ZX file transfer   ( >>> by Pera Putnik <<< )

- create .HDF/RAW image from any removable medium
  (.HDF is hdd/cf image supported in ZX emulators)
SamDisk utility for HDD/CF images (.HDF) for ZX emulators  ( >>> by Simon Owen <<< )

example of create HDF image from CF card

example of write HDF image to CF card

HDF UTILS (HDFGRAB and HDFDUMP)  ( >>> by Garry Lancaster <<< )
HDFGRAB and HDFDUMP are two DOS utilities that allow you to transfer real Spectrum IDE hard disks into .HDF image files (or back)

QTRANS  ( >>> by Jarek Adamsky <<< )
Work with RAW, .DSK (MV-CPC), .SAD (SimCoupe), and .HDF (Ramsoft HDD) diskimages
QDISK  ( >>> by Jarek Adamsky <<< )
Work with RAW, .DSK (MV-CPC), .SAD (SimCoupe), and .HDF (Ramsoft HDD) diskimages